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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cerita si Pensil & Pemadam

Pencil : You know,I'm really sorry.

Eraser : Sorry for what? You didn't do anything wrong!

Pencil : Well, every time when i make mistake, you will b there to erase my mistake. But, as time pass by, part of u r gone.

Eraser : You see, I'm made to do this. Even though i know one of these day I'll b gone, and u have to replace me with another. I'm still happy to do this job. So don't b sad! It worries me!

This is how true friends supposed to b like... =)))))

Komen jika suke, komen jugak jika tersilap. Sayang korang!


Nadya O'Conner said...

awak,awak menang give away saya kan??awak ker yang tak nak top up tu ea?:)

EimaruSi|ence™ said...

kan ima da anta msg kt fb nad. ingat tak?cube check inbox blik.

MisS HoNeY said...

mnarik kisah nya :)


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